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About Us

Wenited is the only progressive Ohio based not-for-profit organization dedicated to engaging millennials in their communities around issues they care about.

Over the past decade, the mentality and habits of young people have changed from how they donate, what political affiliations they hold to how they view government. Since the election of Barack Obama, few organizations have been able to activate young people the way he has with his message of hope and change. We studied his success carefully and read through many research papers and we believe we have a great strategy to energize young people again, the way he did.

Many organizations enact plans to engage this generation but are misguided about their approach. They fail to understand that this generation is different like no other that has come before. If we want to truly get young people to be more involved in their communities and the political process we must check the organizational ego at the door. Millennials care about causes, not institutions, they rely heavily on the views and opinions of their peers and what they say often contradicts what they do. These are just a few things to take into consideration.

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